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Tutorial IME. Escribir japonés en Windows XP

Users of Windows XP do not need to download the IME – it comes on the XP installation CD and just need to be manually installed.

To install the Japanese IME, start by opening the Control Panel (Click the “Start Menu” and chose the “Control Panel”). Then click the “Date, Time, Language and Regional Options” icon.

The select the “Add Other languages” task.

You should then see the “Regional and Language Options” dialog box as shown below.
Two things need to be done here:

1. Click on the “Install files for East Asian Languages” check box
(This ensures that the correct fonts are installed).

2. Then click the “Details” button.
You should then see the “Text Services and Input Languages” dialog box.

In “Text Services and Input Languages” dialog box we need to add the Japanese IME and the Japanese Keyboard components.

Click the “Add…” button.

You should now see the “Add Input Language” dialog box.

Chose “Japanese” in the “Input language” combo box as illustrated below.

Still in the “Add Input Language” dialog box, in the “Keyboard layout/IME” combo box and chose “Microsoft IME Standard 2002 ver. 8.1“.

Finally click the “OK” button.

You should end up with a “Japanese” entry under “Installed Services“.

Be sure that there is also a keyboard entry under “Japanese” and that it is the “Microsoft IME Standard 2002 ver. 8.1” and NOT just “Japanese”.

Finally click the “OK” button.

You may be asked to put your Windows XP CD-ROM in the CD drive so that the relevant files can be copied across to your hard drive. NOTE: You can not install the IME without the CD (please do not email me to ask..!).

That’s it. After rebooting you should now see the IME icon in your task bar

that has a Japanese option when it is clicked… like this

How do I use the Japanese IME?

Using the Japanese IME in Windows XP is exactly the same as with Window 9X/ME (see above), except that the IME icons in the task bar look like this…..

To convert the IME into a floating toolbar click the Restore button as displayed below:

The Options button will bring up the Options Menu:

Click on the Input Mode button (an “A” by default) will allow you to select the Input Mode:

Likewise for kanji conversion modes:

The IME Pad button will bring up the IME Features menu which includes a soft-keyboard which allows direct input of hiragana and katakana:

And the Options button will bring up the IME Options Menu:

Here is a text box that will let you try.

See up here for the available Japanese IME keyboard shortcuts.

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